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Residential Demolition

A successful residential demolition project requires knowledge, skill, and the right equipment. Owning all of our equipment provides us with the flexibility and responsiveness needed to manage and execute every type of residential demolition project. Each job is a little different and tasks can range from a simple renovation to a complete teardown. All in One Removal will provide carefully planned and executed residential demolition service completed efficiently, on time, and on budget.

Professional Residential Demolition Service

Residential demolition is much more than just swinging a wrecking ball or going to work with sledgehammers. Demolition is both an art and a science that requires the right tools and dedication to getting things done right. Our high level of knowledge means that we can complete your demolition quickly and cleanly while preserving your property and the environment.

Before the demolition begins, there are a number of other steps that must first take place. These steps include performing a cost estimate, asbestos abatement (if required), obtaining permits, notifying neighbors, disconnecting utilities and developing a safety plan. All in One will make certain everything is taken care of before any demo occurs.

When you choose All in One Removal to be your residential demolition contractor, you will rest easy with the knowledge that we provide:

  • A wide range of services ranging from prep for renovation to complete teardowns
  • Fast and friendly service
  • Extensive pre-planning and well-defined timelines
  • Clear invoices and competitive pricing
  • Assistance with your permit needs
  • Clean-up and refuse removal

View photos of some of our previous projects to get a good idea of what All in One Removal can do. Then, call or contact us to learn more or schedule an estimate.  We are based in Lafayette, CA and we serve the entire San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We cannot wait to get started on your residential or commercial demolition project.