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Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is typically thought of as blowing up office buildings or swinging a wrecking ball to knock down structures. In reality it is a complicated process that requires specialized equipment, a combination of techniques, and skilled operators. Hydraulic excavators have replaced cranes with wrecking balls and allow demolition to be completed in a much more controlled and efficient manner. Excavators can be equipped with multiple demolition attachments including hydraulic shears, concrete processors, hammers, grapples, and magnets. These attachments are easily interchangeable and provide alternative tools for completing demolition of various structures. Working with a company that knows the ins and outs of the industry is really important. Luckily, if you are anywhere around Lafayette, California, you can work with the best—All in One Removal.

Demolition of commercial structures does not usually occur in an open space. Because of this, we have learned specific extraction techniques that let us work even in the tightest spaces. We can remove just part of a major structure like an office complex or we can completely demo an enormous building in a dense metropolitan area.

Our portfolio is full of jobs that are unique and diverse. We have completed jobs such as hotels, apartments, offices, grocery stores and even shopping malls. Every project we take on is different, so we use the best techniques appropriate for the situation.